Kris Dunbar

Owner / Bicycle Technician / Sales Person
I had someone call me an artist the other day. At first I was dumbfounded, but really this is my art. Every bike is unique to its owner and I try to tell everyone to get very creative with their bikes. The same thing you can do with a car, we do it with bicycles. Custom builds, funky paint jobs, additives, upgrades and extras. The new bikes are really cool, but it's something about working on a bicycle that will never be made again. Whatever type of bike you have, bring it to me and I'll make it ride a little better than it did when you brought it in to the shop. Ultimately you'll have a smile on your face.


Junior / Bicycle Technician


Owner / Sales Person
As a kid I always loved riding my Bike.....never would I have thought that I would be riding again as an adult. But when I met Kris and was asked to help set up the business 4 years ago, I soon learned that I had a real passion for this business, starting with an average bike, then moving onto a hybrid. From there I elevated to a road bike and different makes of road bikes. Since I came into this industry, I have gone through at least 7 different types of Bikes. While riding road bikes is my passion, I have recently been introduced to Mountain Biking of which is now running in second place to riding my road bike.


Bicycle Technician / Sales Person
Like every child, i was one of many who enjoyed riding bikes as a hobby but as i got older, i lost interest. Now that i'm 18, I've come to realize that bike riding is really beneficial and enjoyable. In the time that I've been able to call my self a cyclist 'I've bettered my health and met many wonderful people. I plan to still be spinning spokes as i progress in life and get older, but for now i remain the bike mechanic who is only getting better as i learn from Kris and Michelle.

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